NameCategoryBodyTermPositionGovernor RolesPecuniary Interests Declared
Mrs Jan Boulter (Chair)LEALEA2 July 2022ChairFinance, SEND, Headteacher PM, Strategy
Miss Mo TierneyParentSchool26 Sept 2018School Link, Safeguarding and Child Protection
Mrs Nicola DanylykStaffSchoolDeputy HeadteacherStrategy
Mrs Margy StephensonFoundationLichfield DiocesanDiocesan, RE
Matthew DaviesStaffSchoolHeadteacherStrategy
Mrs Anneliese DelaunayParentSchool26 Sept 2018Literacy
Rev Martin Strang (VC)FoundationLichfield DiocesanVice ChairMAT, Diocesan, RE, Teachers, Strategy
Mr Paul PooleyFoundationLichfield Diocesan3 Feb 2019Numeracy, Science, CPD, PM
Mrs Gillian RawlingsCo optedSchoolEYFS
Mrs Angela ShrehornClerk to the Governors