Weekly Whole School Attendance Figures

Week commencing: 8/10/18

Class 1 – 100%
Class 2 – 98.4%
Class 3 – 91.5%
Class 4 – 98.3%

Well done to Class 1 who have had the best attendance of the week

St Pauls School Stafford

Attendance Colour Codes

At the end of each half term your child will bring home a slip that will inform you of their current attendance percentage and which category they are in.

95% – 100%
If your child is in the green group they have been absent for less than two weeks in the whole year or they may have attended school every day.
91% – 94%
If your child is in the yellow group they could be missing at least two weeks of learning in the whole year.
90% or less
Your child is now categorised as a Persistent Absence Pupil and iis missing at least four weeks of learning in the school year.
The DfE have changed the Persistent Absentee criteria from 85% to 90% effective from September 2015. This means that all children with a percentage attendance that is below 90% will be reported on a weekly basis to the Education Welfare Worker (EWW). The EWW may request a meeting to discuss your child’s absences from school.

Did you know that there have been changes to the law regarding absences in term time?

Please see the letter sent to all parents and the link to the DfE guidance below.

Changes to the law (Letter)

www.gov.uk/school-attendance-absence (Link)

100% Attendance

At the end of every term all pupils with 100% attendance for the term will receive a voucher for Silverblades Ice Rink, Cannock who very kindly give us the vouchers at no cost to the school. Please see the link to their website for opening times etc. – Click here

Education Welfare Worker

Our Education Welfare Worker is Mr Adrian Rawsthorne.

He can be contacted directly on:

Tel: 01785 895421
Email: adrian.rawsthorne@staffordshire.gov.uk

Late Register

Please ensure that your child is on the school playground ready for the whistle at 08:55. Children are to line up going into school with their teacher. The children need to hang their bags and coats on their pegs then enter their classroom quietly ready for morning registration.

If your child arrives at school after 08:55 they must enter via the school office. Please ensure that you complete the Late Register.


Did you know that over a school year your lateness equals to days absent:
5 minutes late every day = 3 days absent
15 minutes late every day = 10 days absent
30 minutes late every day = 19 days absent